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  Are you having significant family-related problems & need solid answers to your hard questions?  Do you want to understand what can be done to resolve things the right way, for both your children & for you, & not just for “now” but also for a long time to come?

Then It Is Time For You To Move Forward, It Is Time To Take the Next Step!

  Roy Farber has practiced trial law in Grand Junction & vicinity since 1982.  He has solely specialized in Domestic & Family Law since 1994.  As a “divorce attorney” or “custody lawyer,” the following summarizes the many things he does for his clients, by negotiated agreement or trial.

It all starts by your scheduling your Initial Consultation.

 Roy Farber is available for In-Office or Telephone Consultations, to perform Limited Legal Services (known as DIYS Assistance!), or for Full Representation concerning all kinds of Family Law issues.  Each situation is as different as we people are, requiring its own unique strategy!  His initial goal is to provide you with a solid understanding of your legal rights and the best ways to use the law to achieve your goals.

 At a minimum, it is wise for you to meet & consult with an experienced Family Law, Child Custody & Divorce Lawyer, before your situation gets worse, and definitely before you agree to something without fully understanding what you’re getting yourself into!

Roy Farber shall give you the sound, no-nonsense & direct legal advice that you deserve, customized to your situation, all in an understandable manner, so that you may make good decisions for your children & for yourself, not only now but also into the future.

You May Reach Roy  by Calling 970-245-0065!

And please explore this Website, which has a lot of information concerning Domestic & Family Law in Colorado in this first quarter of the 21st Century!