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ARE you having really difficult & confusing family law-related problems?

AND, do you need solid answers to your hard questions? 

AND do you want to know what can be done to help you & your children?

Then call Roy K. Farber @970-245-0065 to Schedule Your Initial Consultation*!

Your In-Office Initial Consultation shall cost $100.00 for up to 90 minutes meeting with Roy, payable at that time.  This gives you time to explain your situation, and for Roy to discuss your options and describe what can be done to achieve your goals: so, instead of a “15 minute freebie sales pitch,” you get an empowerment education as to how to move forward!

Who Is He?

Roy has been continuously practicing Family Law in Grand Junction since 1982, giving advice, assisting DYS’s by providing Limited Legal Representation or by providing Full Representation, all in situations between parents or other adults in family law situations.

What’s He Do?

Roy helps folk in a variety of ways, including but not limited to….

  • Obtaining or defending against Protection & Temporary Orders that are intended to change the status quo & protect adults, children &/or property until further order of Court.
  • Venue & Jurisdictional disputes & determinations, to ensure that your case is before the right Court.
  • Allocating of Parental Responsibilities (formerly “Visitation” & “Custody” Actions) in the Child’s Best Interests under Colorado’s revolutionary 1999 law.
  • Establishing & Enforcing the Rights to Children of not only Parents, but often of grandparents and other adults under certain circumstances.
  • Protecting Victims of Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault in both Family Law and Criminal Law Actions before the Courts.
  • Modifying Decision-Making and Parenting Time Orders by restriction or expansion, in the Children’s Best Interests.
  • Establishment & Modification of Child Support, including the amount, health insurance, medical expenses, tax claims & other child support orders.
  • Disputes regarding the Wrongful Taking &/or Keeping of Children, including makeup visitation or protection.
  • Establishing Spousal Maintenance and Dividing Marital Property Assets & Obligations in actions for dissolution of marriage or partnership; 
  • Adversarial or Cooperative Approaches to Social Services D&N Actions.
  • Enforcing these Orders by Contempt, Bond, Judgment, & Make-Up Visitation, or Defending against such enforcement.
  • Negotiation & Mediation Towards Settlement upon some or all issues, so as to avoid trial & achieve your goals without actually having to go into trial.
  • or just simply Advice Navigating “the System,” to achieve your goals, 

It all starts by your calling Roy


To Schedule Your Initial Consultation*!

Each situation is as different as we people are, requiring its own unique strategy!  His initial goal is to provide you with a solid understanding of your legal rights and the best ways to use the law to achieve your goals.  He shall give you the sound, no-nonsense & direct legal advice that you deserve, customized to your situation and in an understandable manner, so that you may make good solid decisions for your children & for yourself, not only now but also into the future.

At a minimum, it is wise for you to meet & consult with an experienced Family Law, Child Custody & Divorce Lawyer, before your situation gets any worse, & before you agree to something without fully understanding what you’re getting yourself into! 

Please explore this Website, which has a whole lot of information concerning Family Law in Colorado in this first quarter of the 21st Century!

*Terms: An In-Office Initial Consultation shall cost you $100.00 for up to a 90 minutes with Roy, payable at that time.  Telephone consultations must be prepaid at his normal fee of $200.00 per hour, broken into 10ths.  All other legal services are provided at $200.00 per hour, broken into 10ths, in-court or out of court.  Retainers may be required, depending upon the nature of the service.  Other terms apply.  A written contract is required for all services.