Just what does Roy K. Farber do?

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He is an Attorney & Counselor at Law.  And has been since January 2, 1977.  The Family Law side of his law practice increased after he was licensed in Colorado in 1982, and he ceased all else in 1994 to exclusively work as a trial lawyer in representing parties and parents in Domestic & Family Law cases.  This field of law includes, but is not limited to helping people go through the process of ….

  • Simple & Complex “Custody” & “Visitation” Cases Allocation of Parental Responsibilities
  • Determining Decision-Making & Parenting Time
  • Geographical Relocations of Children
  • Parent, Grandparent & 3rd Person Rights to Children
  • Father’s Rights
  • Paternity Determinations & Legal Rights
  • Dept. of Human Services Support Actions
  • Orders Regarding Civil Unions
  • Adoption & Termination
  • Defense to Protection Order Actions
  • Divorce, Legal Separation Invalidity Resolving Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Issues in Family Law
  • Obtaining Emergency Protection Orders for Adults & Children
  • Seeking Temporary Orders to Preserve the Status Quo
  • Obtaining & Preserving Rights to Spousal Maintenance
  • Determining & Modifying Child Support
  • Property Asset & Debt Distribution
  • DHS Dependency & Neglect Proceedings
  • Interstate Custody & Venue Disputes
  • Preventing Adoptions
  • Antenuptial Pre & Post-Marital Contracts

& Including But Not Limited To:

  • Obtaining or Defending Against Protective, Temporary & Final Orders
  • Modifying Parental Responsibilities (“Custody”), Parenting Time & Child Support, or Defending Against Modifications
  • Modifying Property Rights, Distribution of Debts, & Spousal Maintenance, or Preventing Such Modifications
  • Enforcement of Orders & Contempt Actions Or Defending Against Them & Other Related Family Law Issues
All by Negotiated Settlement or by Trial in Contested Hearings

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