Are you in a Family Law sort of way?

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Some of our greatest joys in life are shared with our special partner, our lover, significant other, our spouse, starting when we first meet, growing during our courtship, and blossoming as our relation­ship matures.

And some of our worst hurts in life are felt when that intimate relationship falls apart, or when “that Ex” is being a royal pain once again.

  • You are probably already in a Family Law sort of way …
  • If you feel so alone, even when with your partner, feel trapped and wanting out of the relation­ship, and wonder what your best options are for the decisions you have to make
  • Or when there is a baby on the way, or the children are already born, and your relationship is going or gone on the rocks, and something needs to be done for them, if no for you
  • Or if those old orders are not working any longer, or never did, and need to be modified,
  • Or when “that Ex” is not doing what was ordered, has not paid support, alimony or the debts, is causing problems concerning the children,
  • Or if your partner is moving and taking the children, or is leaving them with you and going off with a new significant other, or is heading for a distant job,
  • Or when your lover or “Ex” got really out of control (again?) and it is too much to ignore (any longer?), but you are scared for yourself and/or for the children, and feel the need for protection,
  • Or if you lost your job or broke your back, and cannot pay the child support or spousal maintenance or the bills that the Court previously Ordered you to pay,,
  • Or when you want to believe again that what he or she says is “for the best of everyone,” but are really won­dering whether it is the right thing for you,
  • Or if you know that what you must do is really going to affect your life, and/or the lives of the children, but you have to find peace,
  • Or when you feel so pushed around, being told that you must agree or do what they want right away, but it just feels like the wrong thing for you to do ….

Yes, with these and similar feeling, in situation such as these, you are in a Family Law sort of way.

Yet you cannot figure out what your best options are, or what is right for you.  That is understand­able.  Emotions run very high.  You are under a lot of stress.  Indeed, this may be one of the most stressful times of your entire life.  Being uncertain and confused is normal at these times.

You realize that you need outside help.  Your friends, who are well-intentioned, do not really know what your legal options are or how the law works in your situation.  And these are some of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make in your life.

You need solid information and ideas tailored to you and to your situation.  You want a good education designed to help you make your own decisions.  It is time to do it “right”, right for you, and right for your children.



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