What can this website do for you?

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There are a number of ways for you to use this Website.  It is designed so that ….

  • You may obtain good general information about your legal rights, including what the law provides and how it works in situations similar to yours, and –
  • You will find additional resources to obtain more information and assistance, and –
  • You will find the links to the forms and instructions to do it yourself (DIY), as your own attorney, and –
  • You can learn about the different ways a Family Law attorney can assist you, by one consultation, by limited assistance, or by full representation, and
  • Perhaps most significant, you can use this Website to help you make important decisions, carry through to getting necessary orders, and thereby actually resolve your Family-Law issues and pro­ceed on a better path through life, without it coming back to bite you, and –
  • If you want to talk with to get some straight an­swers tailored to your situation from an experienced Domestic Law attorney, and to understand what your general options are, you may use this website to plan that first meeting or “Initial Consultation” with someone such as Roy K. Farber, as well as learning about who he is and how he assists people like you.

Whatever your reason and whatever stage you are at, this website anticipates many of your important questions and concerns, and will provide you with a lot more than another lawyer’s sales pitch.



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