What happens during your initial Consult?

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You get a bang for your buck, pure and simple.  You receive a solid education and understanding of what the law provides in your situation, what goals appear realistic and achievable, and your options for going forward.

During your Initial Consultation, Roy K. Farber will get enough information to respond to your con­cerns and needs.  This is not a full and complete interview of your entire situation, which occurs if you decide to have him represent you in the case.  But for now, he does not want you to leave feeling he is a great listener, but you did not learn anything.  Information is power.  When you are done, he wants you to depart with a lot of new information, lots of things to consider, and with the feeling that you have rights and have the power to achieve your realistic goals.

He shall explain how the facts of your situation are covered in the law, and what your rights are.  He talks about the various ways that you may obtain good Orders and how to protect your rights.  He will talk about the advantages of a negotiated settlement or the need to let the Judge or Magistrate decide.  And he will provide you with a cost-benefit analysis of your various options, as well as the different ways you may utilize an attorney in the future.

Roy does not like modern “hard sales” techniques, no matter whether in purchasing a car or hiring an attorney, so that will not happen.  Rather, he is focused on your understanding of how the relevant laws apply to your unique situation, so that you can understand how to achieve your goals; these three elements, your situation, the laws and your goals, will show you the best ways to proceed.

While doing all of this, he shall talk with you in terms that non-lawyer daily use and understand.  He will seek to empower you to make good decisions for yourself and for your children.  First and foremost, he is an educator and seeks to communicate with you, so that you leave his office full of new information and ideas and ways to proceed.

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