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  • Divorce & Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Unions, Legal Separation, & Annulment.
  • Simple & Complex “Custody” & “Visitation” Cases, including Contested & Non-Contested Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, Decision-Making & Parenting Time Issues, & Establishing the Rights of Parents, Grandparents, Stepparents, & Other Adults with Children.
  • Obtaining Temporary Orders, Final Orders &/or Modifications of Orders By Agreement or Contested Trial.
  • Prosecuting or Defending Against Spousal Maintenance Claims Under the New Law.
  • Classification of Assets & Debts as Marital or Separate, & Determining a Fair & Equitable Distribution of Marital Property Assets &/or Debts by Agreement or Contested Trial.
  • Establishment &/or Modification of Child Support, including Reduction or Increase of the Amount, Duties Regarding Insurance & Medical Expenses, Tax Claims & Other Support-Related Issues.
  • Emergency Protection, Temporary Orders & Other Remedies, To Change or Maintain the Status, Declare Rights Between Parties, & To Protect Adults, Children &/or Property.
  • Protecting Victims of Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault, etc. in both the Family Law and the Criminal Law Actions before the Courts.
  • Disputes Regarding Violations of Custody, Decision-Making &/or Parenting Time Orders Regarding Children, Including the Wrongful Taking &/or Retention (“Kidnap”) of Children.
  • Jurisdiction & Venue Disputes as to Which State &/or What County Court May Enter Orders.
  • Prosecution or Defense of Contempt & Other Proceedings for Enforcement of Orders.

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