Is Family Law a specialized field for lawyers?

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Yes, it certainly is, and has become a respected specialize field of law practiced by some, but not all lawyers.

The practice of law has become increasingly specialized during the past 50 or so years: it is im­possible to be truly competent in all fields of the profession.  Trial lawyers have different skills than those who never enter a Court, and visa versa.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, “Divorce Attorneys” were perceived by the public as being a sub-species of attorneys, situated somewhere significantly beneath Ambulance Chasers in the food chain.

Today, with the complexities of our family structures, Family & Domestic Law has become a re­spected specialized professional field in the law, one that requires particular knowledge, training, and a disposition able to deal with the heightened emotionality, all so that the lawyer may truly as­sist the client to properly resolve the situation.

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