What is Family Law?

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What is Family Law?  Family Law or Domestic Law, also sometimes called Matrimonial Law, is a broad field of law, encompassing both dissolution of marriages & now of civil unions, & all of the underlying issues, such as property & debt distribution and spousal maintenance or alimony.  It also includes allocation of parental responsibilities (formerly “custody” & “visitation”), child support, & many more issues, as well as modification & enforcement of Court Orders.

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This Website is designed to provide you with solid information, some of which will be relevant to your particular Family Law situation within Colorado’s legal system.  This is not merely another lawyer’s advertisement!

Roy Farber believes that your familiarity with this area of law will help you to understand & weigh your options, & to make good decisions for yourself &/or your child or children, & to move forward into your future.

However, this Website is not a substitute for your consulting with an experienced Family & Domestic Law Attorney!

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