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So, if that is not what you have, if your divorce is not limited to those few issues, then please read the next section in this Website, entitled “Summary of the Law”: it may confuse you at first, but should start to make sense and help you to put your thoughts and ideas in better order.  Do not wait.  Get educated!  Plan ahead.  Do it right from the get go.

And please seriously consider making an appointment with a qualified and experienced Family Law Attorney.  Sometimes, by doing this, even with a one-time appointment, or perhaps by working over time with an attorney in the background, you can succeed in representing yourself, even up against an attorney and in cases much more complex than the simple non-contested divorce out­lined above, and achieve the Orders that you believe that you deserve!dreamstime_xs_29890799

When you represent yourself, it requires great deal of work and dedication on your part.

And it is sometimes very difficult to represent yourself because you are your own attorney and client at the same time: these are very different roles, with each having to do different things in these cases, and this can cause folk to get tripped up, particularly when the emotions are running high.  If you allow your emotions to take control, you can lose, and not get another chance to do it right.

So be wise.  Think about this entire situation in the terms of the long run.  If took a lot for you to get yourself into this mix, it will probably take more than a once-through-the-forms and a handshake to make things right!

If what you are learning here, if it rings true to your situation, then call
Roy K. Farber, at 970.245.0065, & to schedule your Initial Consultation.                  

And, if you really want to represent yourself, then he can help you by providing you with limited legal services, as discussed below.