Towards your Goals

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These three kinds of law, Substantive Law, Procedural Law and Evidential Law, each require analysis within the unique circumstances of your Domestic Law case: improperly handled, important rights may be forever lost, or you may be prejudiced regarding later modifica­tions.  Set­tlement may be possible, or your case may require one or more trials or contested hear­ings.  Your immediate objective should be to obtain a better understanding of the substantive legal issues in­volved in your case, what your rights and duties are, the procedure by which you may obtain your goals and get those Orders, and the evidence required, and then to decide how to re­solve your situation, including whether to em­ploy an attorney, all so that you do not later regret doing the wrong thing or doing nothing at all.

Your ability to make these decisions will be benefited by Initial Consultation with a lawyer who specializes in Family and Domestic Law.

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