His style & focus

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When Roy K. Farber began practicing Family Law, the profession of Child Psychology was in its infancy, and he realized how primitive our understanding of what these children were experiencing really was, and how Family Law really did not serve the children, as opposed to the wishes of the adults.

So much has happened since regarding our understanding of what children need: the legal rights and duties of parents have expanded astronomically; the studies and insights by psychologists and counselors have become integrated into modern Family Law.  Today, when we ask what is in a child’s best interests, the law requires us to consider several dozen major factors, mostly pertaining to relationships, values, and behavior.

He became an advocate for children.  When kids are involved in a case, he asks the parents and other concerned adults to focus on them.  Although some guidance may be necessary, most adults will do the right things for themselves in Domestic and Family Law situations.  But children do not have those coping skills and do need our help.  He helps clients to focus on what is best for the children, and provides many resources to achieve this goal.  As the Superior Parent most often prevails, he does everything that he can to help his clients become that parent!

He is also extremely concerned for you and your wellbeing, both now and in the future, so that you may go through your this passage and continue on with your life in a much better way.  He communicates with open candor and with the detail that he would expect if the circumstances were reversed.  He provides and explains the major laws impacting on your case, discusses the procedural rules in­volved and how things can happen, helps to determine your priorities, and suggests a strategy to proceed towards achieving your goals, all in common English.  He utilizes anything that may help you, books, the Internet, classes and meetings, talking with other professionals, anything that is practical and may help you achieve your goals.

The practice of law is, in large part, a process of communication, with the other side, the Court, and with you.  Much is done in writing.

Unlike some other attorneys, Roy tailors the legal documents he creates for you to your needs and your situation, instead of squishing you into some form.  This is particularly necessary with the Separation Agreement and Parenting Plan: those Court forms are lacking so much detail; Roy K. Farber anticipates future prob­lems and ensures that these important documents state what is necessary to resolve something that has not yet happened, so there is no room for later disagreement.

Similarly, in preparation for and going through a contested court hearing or trial, he is very detail oriented, does not take anything for granted, anticipates problems, and prepares to counter them if and when they arise.  He seeks to maintain the initiative rather than “reacting” to what the other side has done, whether the case con­cerns only property rights and/or spousal maintenance, or is solely focused child issues, and anything in between.  And when his clients go into trial with him, they are very prepared, and know what is going to occur!

But, right from the start, Roy is very focused on whether your situation may be resolved without the need for contested court hearings, because these frequently do lasting damage to the litigants and are so expensive.  Where reasonably possible, he tries to get the parties to these Family and Domes­tic Law cases to reach good agreements, where each compromises, neither must destroy the other, and each recognizes that they must work together, even if it is through their attorneys, to ac­complish their shared goal of resolving the situation.

And, if the goal is raising children, there is all the more reason to settle your case, because the other parent and you must work together for the rest of your lives concerning your creations, and the children will love you all the more if you do.  There are many good resources available to help you in these regards.

Judges, Magistrates and most attorneys, particularly those who specialize in this field, generally agree that a well-crafted and mutually agreed settlement agreement that becomes the Court’s Or­ders, gives parties to these Family Law cases better Orders than they could get after a lengthy, com­plex and expensive contested trial.  Ask Roy how Mediation, Child Counselors, Child & Family Investigators, &/or Parental Responsibly Evaluators, as well as perhaps learning ways better ways to communication with the other party may help to achieve these goals without the necessity of contested litigation.

Roy’s guiding principle is to do whatever he reasonably can to help resolve your Family Law situa­tion, now and hopefully for a long time to come.  If you are committed to doing your best job, now, then you deserve an attorney who is dedicated to seeing that you prevail!