Do You Have Time to Wait?

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That is one of the hardest questions.
No one really wants to hassle these Family Law situations,let alone go to an attorney …

Yet, far too often, people wait and wait before calling. But their situations do not go away.In fact, many times they just get worse, their problems grow bigger, and it becomes a lot more difficult to resolve them:

Indeed, sometimes they wait so long that the problem cannot be solved!

Waiting may also cost you a lot more,both in terms of what you emotionally endure before taking action, and the greater financial hit of finally trying to fix something that has now become much more complex.The same rules apply when your car is
starting to sound weird!

Ask yourself a few questions.How many people have you known of, not just friends and relatives,who experienced significant emotional pain and harm by not taking action at the more opportune times? And, what would you tell your best friend if that person
was in your shoes?


Additionally, as previously mentioned, if there is a Petition or a Motion
that has been filed in Court concerning you and your situation,and if orders have not yet been entered on that legal pleading, or if the Department of Human Services has sent you legal documents about paternity or child support issues, then clock is already ticking!

When you are in a Family Law Sort of Way,you can lose important legal rights, and have bad Orders entered against you because you did not take proper action when you needed to, just the same as a ball team loses by default if they do not show up for the game!

If you even think it might be a wise thing to talk with an attorney now,then do so, now. It may make all the world of difference for your future,and perhaps the
future of your children!