Will you get case-specific legal advice before you meet?

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No, unfortunately that is not possible.  Please understand that Roy K. Farber cannot give you situation-specific or case-specific legal advice before to your Initial Consultation, either in his Office or by a pre-ar­ranged telephone conversation.

Law is general.  Your situation is unique.  Putting the two together to give you proper advice takes time and attention and significant lawyerly effort.  He cannot give you legal advice regarding your situation and what you should do next because this requires him to first get enough background information and review your documents.  It is just not that simple.  There are too many variables involved.  The information and advice he gives you in a 5 minute telephone conversation could be wrong, might mislead you.

When you call him, or e-mail him, or send him a fax, saying you just have “one or two questions,” if that is all you have and you do not have to tell him about all of the facts, he may try to give you an answer as to what the law generally provides, will try to point you in the right direction, or suggest that you consult other resources, but will not give you legal advice.  Roy K. Farber is a professional practitioner of this specialized field of law, and he wants you to get it right!