Are there different ways to hire a Family Law Lawyer?

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Absolutely.  There are several ways to utilize the legal services of Roy K. Farber after your Initial Consultation.  He will discuss these with you.  For example:

  • What you learn during your Initial Consultation may be all that you need for now,
  • Or perhaps he will advise you to go to other resources, such as doing Internet research, or calling the Department of Human Services for child support or emer­gency services, and then get back to him for a second appointment,
  • Or you may want him to per­form limited legal services, and just help you to represent yourself.  Some people prefer just having him on your side in the background to draft documents or help you prepare for trial, and hopefully avoid some of the problems of self-representation,
  • Or you may want him to represent you for just one court hearing and in a very limited manner,
  • Or you may wish to hire him to fully represent you, to speak for you with the other attorney or party, to prepare your case from start to completion, and go with you to Court if required.

Whatever your decision, there is simply no substitute for an experienced Domestic and Family Law attorney, with the knowledge and the understanding of the law and human dynamics involved in these sensitive and oftentimes very complex situations, someone to give you the hard advice and guidance that you really seek at this time in your life, to assist you in making these vital decisions.  You want that attorney to have the commitment essential to en­sure that your rights are pro­tected, and the drive to work with you to obtain your goals.  Roy K Farber does.