What is required if you want to hire him?

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Over 35 attorneys practice some Domestic Law in Grand Junction.  Almost all practice other areas of law.  Each has her/his own hourly fee.  Various costs are also charged.  Generally, the amount of their retainer, or monies paid to secure their representation, depends upon what is required in your case.

Roy K. Farber currently charges $200.00 per hour for his legal fees, which is in the medium range for attorneys in Mesa County.  This hourly fee is broken down into 10ths of hours.  In addition, he charges for copies, postage and other miscellaneous costs.  Larger costs, such as Court filing fees, paying to have a process server deliver documents, or for evaluations, investigations or other experts, are generally paid in advance or directly by the Client

If all you want is for him to be on call to help you, for you to come into his Office, meet and have him do something there on the spot, then usually the time and miscellaneous costs incurred are paid before you leave his Office that day.

If you wish have him be your Attorney of Court Record in a legal action, then an Initial Retainer is required.  The amount of that Initial Retainer depends on your case, but is often in the range of $3,000.00 to $3,500.00.

If Roy K. Farber is your Attorney of Court Record, he must prepare for and be present to represent you any Court hearing that is required.  If that Court hearing is for a contested trial or other pro­ceeding, then you may be required to pay him a trial retainer, the amount of which depends upon the length of the hearing, the complexity of issues involved, and the preparation required.

Your payment may be made by cash, accepta­ble check,
cashier’s check or money order, Visa or MasterCard.

Please, do not be shy about discussing these financial issues with Roy K. Farber.  He is there to help you, and he knows how very important this is for you.

In addition to these financial matters, he will require your cooperation, in perhaps many different ways.  As previously discussed, he believes that, to achieve the best results in your unique situation, you and he must work together, in a partnership, as a team.