Why invest in all this?

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You do not have to hire an attorney.  You do not have to even talk with one.  You can do it on your own.  The question is, will you succeed in what you want to achieve or not?

If you have a really simple divorce, with only property issues involved, maybe you will succeed.

If you have a case concerning child-issues (decision-making or “custody”, parenting time or “visita­tion”, and/or child support) or spousal maintenance (“alimony”) you probably will not succeed very well, particularly in the long-run, because those legal issues can come up time and time again, particularly if you do not have the right orders.

And, unfortunately, a lot of the necessary provisions are missing from those forms.

Of course, if you ignore a Domestic Law case concerning you, if you heard a legal action has been brought against you, or if someone handed you some documents and you have been served, or if the Department of Human Services sent you a letter, and you do nothing, then probably nothing you later try to do will change anything.

Look around.  You have met many victims of Domestic & Family Law before.  Ask them “why?”

Generally, there are three reasons they will mention: they ignored “it,” they did not have an attor­ney, or they did not have an attorney who did anything except to plug them into some forms with­out telling them what was happening.

Invest for your future.  Invest for your children.  Get a solid education.  Make wise decisions.  It takes one call.

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